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#YesAllMen - a movement created, by men and for men, to focus on creating improved physical and psychological safety for WOMEN. This group is kept accountable by a diverse council of women of different ages, backgrounds and race.

The ad industry, along with London and the whole country was deeply saddened by the Sarah Everard tragedy. Women were however far from shocked, as many have experienced (and indeed continue to experience) sexual harassment and threats to their safety, both in and out of the workplace.

Hosted by feminist Paul Frampton-Calero ( ex Havas CEO & Control v Exposed President), this monthly workshop focuses on how hegemonic masculinity (the legitimisation of male dominance in society) micro-aggressions and other sexist behaviour lay the foundation for violence against women.

This group seeks to learn how we can be better allies and active bystanders for women by furthering our understanding and taking meaningful action. Each month a guest will join to shine a much needed light on these topics and this will then lead in to break out discussions where men discuss the implications and what they can do to change the status quo.


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